Halloween’s Cruelest Trick Of All



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6 Responses to Halloween’s Cruelest Trick Of All

  1. Laura Droege says:

    Yes, but Christmas sales are beginning soon. Oh, wait–they already have in some stores! Whatever happened to Thanksgiving?!

  2. Jeannie says:


  3. stephanielynn75 says:

    Ha! Okay, I have a funny story for you about Halloween candy…

    I store my son’s Halloween candy on the top shelf in my closet. That way, he only gets what’s doled out to him. I also store things on that shelf such as a Sound Puzzle, which he got when he was a year old. It’s a simple peg puzzle, and when you lift the pieces, you hear the sound that matches the puzzle piece. In this case, the puzzle pieces are farm animals. Cow, sheep, pig, etc. We are missing the pig piece, so whenever I open the closet door, the light triggers the sound for that piece.

    Now, being a typical mom, I tend to get into my son’s Halloween candy. You know, the candy stored in the closet, next to the puzzle with the missing piece. This means…

    Every time I get into the closet for candy, I hear the pig sound.

    Me; Oh, yum, candy!

    Puzzle: Oink, oink, oink

    Me: Oh, shut up…


    You would think the pig sound would be a deterrent. You would be wrong. I just get in there and get out before the puzzle starts oinking. lol

  4. Tim says:

    “You would think the pig sound would be a deterrent. You would be wrong.”

    Same for me! I’d tell the pig, “You’re just jealous because I get candy!”

  5. Pastor Bob says:

    When I ran a Radio Shack the toys showed up in mid-October. Candy was next door, at the local Safeway. I was able to get the good stuff in mid-November when it was 90% off. Now it’s all gone by the 10 of November!

    Now as as to the early Christmas season, Ikea brought out the trees in SEPTEMBER!
    But, Christmas will be here QUICKLY….. (unless you are under 15.)

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