What On Earth Is This Blog About!

When people ask me what this blog is about, I am a bit hard pressed to answer. I do know that my hope is I never write a blog post that resembles this sermon:

And I am glad that my readers – who are quite a discerning bunch – do not resemble the people listening to this sermon:

My hope is that I will always remember that it’s not about me giving my all (whether through money or prayer or anything else I do) but about Jesus who has done it all for me. And I hope everyone who visits this blog is reminded of Jesus as they read from post to post here, and that each post is an encouragement in their relationship with God.

Honoring God and encouraging people.

That’s what I’d like this blog to be about.


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20 Responses to What On Earth Is This Blog About!

  1. I think you do honor our LORD and I like how you are always encouraging when you reply. Glad you blog.

  2. Laura Droege says:

    I’ve listened to sermons like those in the first cartoon: very random, fuzzy-feel-good thoughts with a few Bible verses stuck to it. It’s strange, unbiblical, and a total waste of the congregation’s time and the preacher’s breath. Thank goodness your blog is NOT like that!

    • Tim says:

      I’ve heard them too, Laura. One time I sat through a sermon that was a recital of Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince. No scripture, no reflection on God, nothing but the story. It was one of the saddest church services I’ve ever sat through.

      On a happier note, I am so glad you like this blog and I am even more glad that you take the time to comment!

  3. Jeannie says:

    I think “honoring God and encouraging people” is a perfect way to describe your blog, Tim.
    Or is it “honouring God and encoraging people”? When you’re a Canadian conversing with an American, it’s hard to know when to add that “u.” 😀

  4. Rick says:

    I have appreciated that grace and reason are not an either/or here, but flow conjoined; I appreciate your capacity to communicate grace in how you listen and respond. I appreciate your courage in the quiet, respectful way you evaluate people and issues. I appreciate that conversation is important to you–as it is important to our Lord. I appreciate the care with which you handle truth–never as a weapon against another made in God’s image. I find rest in the community here.

  5. Disregard the boxes and explanations… just be! You do it well 🙂

  6. Jeremy M. says:

    Having a pat answer of what your blog about is overrated anyway, but if you did have to go for one, I’d say that “honoring God and encouraging people” is a good one. One that I’d even say is pretty accurate here too.

    • Tim says:

      Thanks Jeremy. Did you know I get at least as much encouragement from my readers as they do from my posts? And the comment section is full of examples of people honoring God in their lives. Thanks for being part of all that.

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  9. Elizabeth says:

    Tim…. I hoped to learn by looking here about… why your blog is called “Just One Train Wreck After Another?”. I can draw conclusions, but I’d rather hear it from you! Thank you! Oh, and by the way… I love your posts! You remind me I have value.

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