Sunday Afternoon Coffee – a cautionary tale


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6 Responses to Sunday Afternoon Coffee – a cautionary tale

  1. stephanielynn75 says:

    You’re speakin’ my language here, Tim. This is so beautiful, it almost moves me to tears.

  2. Joseph Schuh says:

    Hello ~ some years ago you recommended this place on RoP. Thought you might enjoy reading this review.

    At my age I tend to forget how long ago – but my husband & I stopped there in the driving rain on our to San Francisco from visiting family in Santa Cruz. The artichoke soup warmed our bones. He & I sent you a silent thanks for steering us in that direction.

    I remember fondly when a group of us Austenites descended on you and enjoyed a lunch at your favorite bbq joint with you .As well as the food -it was memorable for your aplomb whilst surrounded by a clutch of chattering females.

    Peggy Schuh

    • Tim says:

      Great article, Peggy. I am so glad you and Joe liked Duarte’s so much. The article mentions Emma Duarte; I remember before she passed away how she used to walk the dinning room making sure everything was ok with all the customers. Great family and great food.

  3. janehinrichs says:

    Perfect…lovely. You are a wise wise man.

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