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The #1 Way to Make Plans that Last

[From the archives.] *** “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” (Proverbs 19:21.) Our son Kyle recently came home from college for a long weekend and brought three friends with him. … Continue reading

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Mars Hill’s Non-Compete Clause Claims to Preserve Church’s “Purity”

A former pastor and elder at Mars Hill Church is reported to have been removed from his position over objections to the church’s non-compete clause in his annual performance review. The issue of whether a church should even have a … Continue reading

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Hiking Blue Ridge: Higher Than An Eagle’s Wings, Surer Than A Deer On The Heights

I hiked Blue Ridge above Lake Berryessa in the Vaca Mountains of northern California. It was still a few minutes before 6:00 when I stepped out of the car into the cool air, the sun shining but still low on … Continue reading

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I Can Live Without A “Life Verse” (and so can you)

“This is my favorite passage.” We heard this phrase from our pastor in almost every sermon. After a while the congregation started chuckling whenever he said it. Even he laughed at his overuse of the phrase as we all came … Continue reading

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Haiku Gospel – the good news about Jesus in 3 lines

Jesus came to earth To save sinners just like me (And just like you too) * ***** * *

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Bible Reading For Our Literalist Friends

Carrying Bowling Balls Years ago I heard a woman on the radio talking about some students she worked with. Her class was made up of teens who had reading processing problems, and she used a lot of tools to work … Continue reading

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Happy Iranians Danced, Got Arrested, And Taught Me Something About Joy In The Lord

A group of young Iranians posted a video of themselves dancing to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”. You can see they captured the spirit of the song (be sure to catch the outtakes in the credits at the end!): Then they got … Continue reading

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Parallel Planes

“I’ve never been inside.” Scotty looked up at the high ceilings as we walked out of the tunnel from the parking garage and into the terminal. Scotty’d never left the city he was born in, let alone flown on an … Continue reading

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On Millennials and trigger warnings

Originally posted on A Travelogue of the Interior:
My friend Roxzana, an outstanding English literature teacher, sent me this piece from the National Review and I started thinking about it. I know: take cover, right? The gist of the article…

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Why I haven’t Seen 12 Years A Slave (and probably never will)

I’ve read reviews, tweets and blog articles about 12 Years a Slave. I’ve seen it featured on TV and heard about it on the radio. It not only sounds interesting, but like a movie well worth the time to sit … Continue reading

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