The Punishment of Injustice

[Natasha Robinson asked me to join her in a series on pursuing God’s justice on her blog A Sista’s Journey. Here’s the opening, with a link to read the rest at her place.]


“I hear you don’t like Mexicans.” He looked Hispanic and he looked angry.

“What?” I stood at my high school locker late that afternoon, the halls empty but for me and my accuser.

“I heard you said you don’t like Mexicans.”

He leaned in, taller, stronger, threatening. It didn’t take much to be taller and stronger than me. I was a shrimpy freshman. It didn’t take much to threaten me either. I was also a wimpy freshman.

“I didn’t say that.” All I wanted was to convince this guy not to hit me. It looked like he was going to anyway. … [Read the rest at Natasha’s place.]

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3 Responses to The Punishment of Injustice

  1. How do you fix the injustices caused by the church? Especially one that does/did not come under any accountability and makes their own rules by the visions of the pastor? One that refuses you an audience with those who have slandered and maligned you. Those who will not let you do as the Bible says and “if you have ought against someone… go quickly” so that reconciliation may take place.

    What or whom are these people so afraid of that they have to act in this manner of “shun and hide”? That church that directs their members to tell their family that “we are not family anymore, I am married now” and then breaks up that family and causes hurt and suffering to the point of weeping for years on end. Wondering what really was the “thing” that I did to deserve such dishonor.

    Just like the story… we were accused for things that we did not do, but, then were told we had to fix whatever “it” is before we can see our daughter again. So, we will never see her again because we cannot fix “it” for “it” never took place.

    Where does one find any justice for what the church does to people? Or, the better question is… CAN anyone find justice for what the church has done?

    Wish I could set my daughter free. Please pray that God will intervene on our and her behalf. Thanks.

    • Tim says:

      I think the answer in Scripture is that you treat these unrepentant people – even if they are church leaders – as non-believers.

      When it comes to your daughter and all the damage the church has wreaked in your relationship with her, I have no advice but I can offer prayer. So I’m praying now for you all.

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