Dancing for God with a Salsa Beat!

Si el Espiritu de Dios estan en mi Corazon, yo danzo como David! You could look that up in an online translator, or just let Salvador do it for you in this video:

Great horn section, a rhythm section that reminds me of War, and a lead singer with a set of pipes that just won’t quit, the video is best viewed at full volume and in a space where you can get up and move!


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6 Responses to Dancing for God with a Salsa Beat!

  1. Todd and I danced to Salvador in New Zealand when I was pregnant with our older child–12 years ago! Very strange for this SoCal girl in a country with no Spanish influence on its culture.

    • Tim says:

      Their music transcends culture, I think. The line Ponganse de pies a danzar in the middle of the song roughly translates to “Get on your feet and dance!”

      The first song of theirs I ever heard was when I saw the video for Lord I Come Before You back when it first came out. Amazing, and it got me hooked.

  2. Jeannie says:

    THAT sure warms you up on a cold winter morning!

  3. ¡Arriba! That sure got me going! :0)

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