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Just Give Me A Sign

[From the archives.] *** It’s good to read signs. I was driving to a conference earlier this month and passed one of those truck scales/inspection sites along the highway. The facility had large garages for those requiring a more thorough inspection, and on … Continue reading

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The Civil War Was About Enslaving Black People

There are still people  – in the north and the south – who will tell you the Civil War was fought over states’ rights. They are wrong. It was fought over slavery. Any other issue comes in a distant second. Evidence … Continue reading

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Dancing for God with a Salsa Beat!

Si el Espiritu de Dios estan en mi Corazon, yo danzo como David! You could look that up in an online translator, or just let Salvador do it for you in this video: Great horn section, a rhythm section that … Continue reading

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Why Would a Mega-Pastor Elevate His “Vision” Over Scripture?

Steven Furtick is apparently pastor of a really big church. He’s also denigrating the word of God. As Matthew Paul Turner noted in a recent post, Mr. Furtick’s church has developed (with his approval) a disturbing Sunday School resource. A look … Continue reading

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The Easy Way to Write Your Pastor’s Job Description

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Friday Humor Bonus – Sand Castles and Courtroom Recesses

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Bare Buttocks and the Barren Soul

[From the archives.] *** I went out to lunch with my son on Tuesday. As we left the restaurant he saw a man across the plaza and said, “That guy needs to pull his pants up.” I looked and said, “That … Continue reading

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Best Children’s Library Ever Found in a Phone Booth!

This library just opened up in my town. Read how it was built and see more pictures of the little library and its patrons here.You know you want one near you now, too!

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The Quick And Easy Way To Make Visitors Feel Unwelcome At Your Church

Where Pastors Need To Park It Some churches have handy little signs to guide visitors in the parking lot as they pull in from the street. That one seems fairly benign. Kind of classy-looking, too. The next one adds a … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tunes – Taking the Ultimate Road Trip with Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash visits 91 places in 3 minutes. I think I’ve been to about a dozen on them (but they went by so fast!). You?

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