Sunday Funnies: How To Literally Get The Point Of The Sermon

From our friends at Leadership Journal


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9 Responses to Sunday Funnies: How To Literally Get The Point Of The Sermon

  1. Laura says:

    So funny! : ) Yet, many yrs ago we attended a church where the pastor would almost call people out like this – being critical of them and a behavior. He’d give enough details that some in the audience knew exactly who he was talking about, and even if you didn’t – you knew someone in particular was being targeted! Squirm. Not surprisingly we found out this church had a big split and internal problems (after we’d moved to another state). Anyways, funny cartoon though!

    • Tim says:

      Churches like that are what this cartoon is poking fun at, that’s for sure Laura. Why some leaders think it’s good shepherding is beyond me!

  2. Jeannie says:

    That IS a good cartoon — and these cartoons always seem to remind you of real-life examples, don’t they? Once when the pastor of our former church was in mid-tirade (oops, mid-sermon), my friend slipped in late after tending to her baby in the nursery. As she walked to the front to sit with her husband the pastor said to the rest of us, “Don’t look at her, listen to what I’m saying here.” My friend, a very shy woman, was mortified. He would have done well to look up “sanctuary” in the dictionary.

    • Tim says:

      Contrast that with what a pastor at my church said recently while going over the announcements. It was about some upcoming event and he said, “Show up early and get a seat in front. Or show up late and sneak into the back row. You’ve got the freedom to sit where you like. It’s all grace!”

  3. Hahaha! Good one. And then there are those preachers who always have to use their wives as examples. I can’t help wondering how the wives feel about the (often somewhat embarrassing) anecdotes involving them, shared from the pulpits by their husbands.

  4. lauradroege says:

    Great cartoon! I couldn’t help but be reminded of a former music minister at our former church, though. The very first Sunday he was there, he stopped the music after the first song and urged us to “sing out more! I just saw someone YAWN.” The culprit was me! We were sitting up front and I have this unfortunate tendency to yawn while I sing (so much for my career as a rock star) and sure enough, I’d yawned mid-chorus. (The fact that I had a 3 month old probably had something to do with it, too.) I was mortified, and I never liked that music minister.

    • Tim says:

      What a way for the new music person to start off at the church, Laura. Certainly sets the wrong tone (pun intended). I’ve seen it too, when the music leader asked for everyone to clap along and when not many did then insisted that everyone had to join in. It’s an odd philosophy of ministry to be called out for yawning or not clapping on demand.

      I’ve led music hundreds of times in church, Laura. You could sit in the front row and yawn as much as you like when I’m leading. You could even catch a nap as far as I’m concerned!

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