A Husband’s Christmas Memories

[From the archives.]

The Bible tells us it is better to give than receive (Acts 20:35), and I have a treat for you below that exemplifies this in memorable fashion. But first I thought I’d tell you of one of the better gifts I was able to give.

My wife and I don’t do presents much. One year, though, back when I was still an associate at my law firm, I received a Christmas bonus. It wasn’t much as law firm bonuses go, because the economy hadn’t been doing well that year, but still it was enough to go shopping for something I thought my wife might like. I took another associate along with me for advice, Christine, because she knew my wife and she had good taste. So we went coat shopping.

Not just any coat, mind you. I wanted a wool overcoat for my wife. Black wool, heavy enough to handle the cold north winds that can blow through here in the winter. Christine was a trooper, going from store to store with me. We found a really nice one that blew the whole bonus, but it was perfect. I took it home and hid it away.

Christmas morning, I brought the package out. My wife was not expecting anything, so this was a surprise right off the bat. She opened it, and the surprise increased. Then she tried it on. It fit like … well, like an overcoat should. And it still does. I am glad I spent the whole thing on that coat, because it looks as good now as it did the day I brought it home 20 years ago. She wears it all winter long still.

So I have a question. What is one of the most successful gifts you’ve ever given, and why? (OK, that’s two questions I suppose.)

And as promised, for your reading pleasure (and I do mean pleasure, since this is hilarious), and in celebration of that grand British tradition Boxing Day, I direct you to read Brian Sibley’s “And Yet Another Partridge In A Pear Tree”. First performed by Penelope Keith on BBC, this has now become one of my personal holiday traditions.

It’s a hoot!


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5 Responses to A Husband’s Christmas Memories

  1. One of my favorite things I have given? Usually it is something I have made by hand such as several years ago a Christmas tree skirt. I made for my sister-in-law and brother-in-law for their deer theme tree. I found material with deer on it and crafted the tree skirt.

  2. Aimee Byrd says:

    When I was in college, many of my gifts were the creations I made in my ceramics class. Perfect on a college budget. But I decided to buy my dad a large, Japanese porcelain piece that I thought he would like. Well, I broke it into innumerable pieces on the car ride home. I sullenly presented my dad a bag of shards when I arrived home. But it is one of the most meaningful presents because unbeknown to me, my dad stayed up for hours that night gluing his Christmas present back together–to make me feel better.

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