My Numbers Don’t Add Up

I’m Not Much Of A Numbers Person

The number of people listed at the top right of this page is too high. WordPress counts everyone who has signed up for email notice of new posts, everyone who follows me on Twitter, and everyone I’m on Facebook with. Sounds easy to take those numbers and sum them up, doesn’t it?

But it doesn’t add up. I have a Twitter and Facebook connection with quite a few of the people who have also signed up here at the blog for email notice of new posts. WordPress counts each connection separately.

WordPress over-counted, then. How much? I don’t know. All I  know is that there is an overlap. So whatever number of followers the top of this page says, I don’t count on it. I know I have fewer than that.

God Is A Numbers Person

The Bible talks about numbers more than you might expect. Here a few instances:

  • In 1 Kings 19, Elijah felt like he was standing on his own against the wicked monarchy of Israel. God comforted him with, among other things, the disclosure that there were 7000 faithful people of God that he was keeping safe. Elijah didn’t know about a single one of them, but God knew each and every one.
  • In Revelation 7:9, John sees an uncountable multitude of God’s people, coming from every place and every time on earth to worship God. John may not have been able to count them, but God can. After all, Jesus knows every single person whom he calls his own. (John 10:14.)
  • And in Luke 12:7, Jesus comforted his friends by explaining that even the hairs on their heads have been counted by God, he loves them so much.

God keeps track of numbers (just look at the Book of Numbers!), and I’m glad he counts me as his own.


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6 Responses to My Numbers Don’t Add Up

  1. Aimee Byrd says:

    Tim, I am reworking a post a did a couple years ago on the like button, so I really appreciated your comments about the followers scam. Great article.

    • Tim says:

      “The Followers Scam” – sounds like the makings of a great detective novel, Aimee.

      Looking forward to what you have on the Like button, too!

  2. Jeannie says:

    I think if my self-worth depended on the number of my “followers,” I’d be pretty bummed! Thanks for a neat take on the idea of numbers, Tim — it’s great to know God hasn’t forgotten to count each one of us.

  3. Ah, New Math!!!

    Our school district shoved in a bad math program two years ago and some of us uppity parents started a blog: Haven’t been doing much with it lately.

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