Table Tennis, Melanesian Style

Here’s another postcard from our friends at the Christian Leaders’ Training College in Papua New Guinea.


From 10:00-10:30am the whole campus takes a “morning tea” break. It may or may not include tea! For the students and faculty it’s a chance to chat, unwind, read the newspaper, or play a rousing game of table tennis!

Doug has excellent eye/hand coordination and when you put a racquet or paddle into his hand, he’s pretty good. A few students enjoy the game, but usually the Solomon Island students are the best players.

Meanwhile, Jan has all her old logic puzzles set up on a table and students love having a go with those.  All too soon, the 30 minutes is over and it’s back to Bible and Theology and Leadership for the students!

42 days until Graduation! Pray for the students to manage their time well and finish strong.


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2 Responses to Table Tennis, Melanesian Style

  1. Rev. Carlene Appel says:

    We have some longtime friends, Dave and Deb Barton who are missionaries with JAARS/Wycliffe in Papua New Guinea. Dave is a pilot and Deb is an accountant. Wouldn’t be surprised if they know your friends.

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