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Costume Tom-Foolery

(Founding Father humor … it never gets old!)

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What Does the Fox Say – Halloween Edition

A lot of you have seen that wild music video What Does the Fox Say. My friend Jeannie introduced me to this amazing home light show someone came up with using that song as the soundtrack. It’s explosive! ***

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Human Trafficking, Art Galleries, and Conversations with the Holy Spirit

Conversing with the Holy Spirit can take different forms. One is when I pray to God in what I hope to be a conversation between us. I may not hear the Spirit audibly but I am assured that the Spirit is … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson and Vincent Price Thrill Me

You might think this is apropos tomorrow. I just think it’s one of the best pieces of film in history.

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Misrepresenting the Gospel of Grace

Tony Evans tweeted Monday: You cannot waste what God gives you and then ask Him for more. Of course you can, Tony. God’s Blessings on the Wasteful One of Jesus’ best-known stories was the one about the Prodigal Son, and … Continue reading

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Embracing the Gospel Through Racial Reconciliation – a guest post from Adriana Kassner Cunningham

[I am so pleased to be able to host my friend Adriana Kassner Cunningham today. She writes about life and literature and faith at Classical Quest, a blog well worth your time. Her post here is part two of a … Continue reading

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Judicial Hokey Pokey

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I Hate The Word Nigger

I hate the word “nigger”. I also hate the words “gook” and “spic” and any other words that say “Because you are a particular skin color, I get to call you names that belittle you, tear you down, and grind … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies – wallowing at church

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Table Tennis, Melanesian Style

Here’s another postcard from our friends at the Christian Leaders’ Training College in Papua New Guinea. From 10:00-10:30am the whole campus takes a “morning tea” break. It may or may not include tea! For the students and faculty it’s a … Continue reading

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