3 Things I Recently Learned – crocs, cavemen and colloquialisms

It’s shoo-in, not shoe-in – “Shoo-in ‘easy winner (especially in politics)’ (1939) was originally a horse that wins a race by pre-arrangement (1928; the verb phrase shoo in in this sense is from 1908).”

Fred Flintstone is an assumed name – The name “Flagstone” isn’t the only difference you’ll see in this 90 second demo reel from 1960.

In the jungle, bet on the jaguar, not the crocodile – OK, technically this is a caiman rather than a croc, but you’ll see what I mean. (By the way, one animal meets its demise in this National Geographic video. It’s from a distance and not graphic, but fair warning.)

I bet this blog post is a shoo-in for most edifying and illuminating of the day.

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3 Responses to 3 Things I Recently Learned – crocs, cavemen and colloquialisms

  1. Hey I was encouraged and illuminated! You have proven my wife is wrong I am not the missing link, Flagstone was. I cannot wait to tell my wife Tim Fall said “Your Wrong”

    Thanks Tim!

  2. Mary Anne says:

    The only thing I’m betting on with the caiman and the jaguar is this: it’s one fight you can bet I’ll stay far away from! =8-O

    Reminds me of the time I saw a nature documentary on the Discovery Channel and there was a wolverine who wanted a burrow . . . that was already occupied by a badger. A battle for the ages, people. The fur literally flew!

    The only time I saw a fight to equal that was when my mom chopped up a snake with a garden hoe . . . *g*

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