Another Sign of the End of the World – A non-white woman won the Miss America Pageant

According to some pundits, the weather forecast tonight is for the sky to fall. These self-appointed officials also apparently intend to announce that the End Of The World has been scheduled for later this week. It has all been precipitated, they insist, by the events Sunday night when Nina Davuluri of New York was crowned Miss America. The problem as they see it?

The new Miss America is of Indian heritage.

Twitter was alive with tweets such as “9/11 was 4 days ago and she gets miss America?”, “Congratulations Al-Qaeda. Our Miss America is one of you”, and “Man our president nor our new Miss America isn’t even American”, according to this article at Buzzfeed. (Warning, some of the language in the tweets they captured include swear words. Bigger warning, all of the tweets include idiocy.)

When I first read the Buzzfeed article I felt sick to my stomach. Then I read this msnbc piece and got mad. As they reported, a major news network actually employs someone who tweeted “The liberal Miss America judges won’t say this – but Miss Kansas lost because she actually represented American values”? (And did anyone bother asking Miss Kansas if that’s how she saw things? Doubt it.)

Here’s the thing about those tweets and other comments I’ve read – they’re racist.

A lot of people writing those tweets and comments might not understand this, and if they do they might not care. That’s because some people are racist and embrace the label. They honestly think there’s a reason to feel that their own skin color makes them superior to people with a different skin color. Go figure.

But why do I care? After all, I’m a white male in America which makes me one of the most privileged people on the planet.

Two reasons.

First, mine is what some call a blended race family. When you talk about people of color, you’re talking about my wife, my son and my daughter. And if anyone accuses them of not being worth as much as other Americans, that person is not only wrong but stupid and ignorant.

My wife is sixth generation American. How many people born in this country can say the same? And on my side, my kids can trace their family on this continent to 1680. One of those racists want to beat that? And yes, my kids’ skin color is darker than those stupid, ignorant racists’ skin. So here’s my advice to them: get over it.

Second, the Bible is full of instances where racism is rejected by God and his prophets. We all know Paul’s statement that in Christ there is no male or female, Scythian or Jew or Gentile, no barbarian or slave or free. Jesus just doesn’t see our skin color the way that racists do. The problem with racism goes back to a time long before Paul, though, and God dealt with it severely.

Moses, the great leader of Israel, married a woman from Cush, an African region south of Egypt. That meant she wasn’t an Israelite and had darker skin than the Israelites. This bothered Moses’ brother Aaron and sister Miriam. In fact, his decision to marry the woman caused them to question his ability to lead the people and they pointed this out to their fellow Israelites when speaking of their own qualifications to lead the people in his place. That was a big mistake and led to one of the most chilling verses in the whole Bible:

“The anger of the Lord burned against them, and he left them.” (Numbers 12:9.)

Their racism incited them to speak against God’s chosen prophet, and it angered God so much that he left them! Moses married a woman whose skin color did not mean a thing to God when it come to who is allowed in his kingdom, and when someone questioned this God got mad.

I’d like the ignorant racist idiots to think that over.

I’d also like to think something over myself. I too am an ignorant idiot who does things that hurt people, things that are far outside God’s will.

So I guess there’s something those commenters and tweeters and I have in common. They are as sorely in need of God’s grace as I am. I hope they come to realize that too.


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10 Responses to Another Sign of the End of the World – A non-white woman won the Miss America Pageant

  1. Tim, forgive me this is going to be long but it’s your fault (LOL). You should not have given the link to Aimee’s post, which led to a certain commenter. Which now has created a text file on my desk waiting to be turned into a post it’s got me agitated. “Women weak”, he would not want to meet my sister.

    Tim your post yesterday reasonated with me for another reason, that being the Jesus Rogers issue. Now some would read that statment and go “Well that seems contrary to Tim’s post, Tim’s post was about being peaceful and gentle” Yet, in effect NO! For it takes greater strength when faced with threat to not raise a voice or fist. Which is why they often call bouncers, coolers.We had already seen Christ express frustration with the disciples, attack the pharisees, call out those following him for the wrong reasons. So now to say that passage deals with taking up swords in the face of defeat reveals three things:

    1) An ignorance of the events that transpired, meaning Christ would tell Peter to put down his sword and heal the man’s ear. That showed greater authority when confronting a mob who was agitated, fearful and angry. Because we know Christ had no issue with being confrontational or physical when the need arose (The Temple) Which reveals great strength not Mr Rogers peace, love and happiness, everyone be my neighbor mentality. Christ was most intrested in always exhibiting the authority of the father. God is most intrested in his glory!
    2) Speaking of God’s glory when one considers that God does what most exhibits his glory as a result the O.T. is full of radical and different examples of God’s exhibiting his glory. From being gentle to being full-on raging one cannot even possibly consider in the same light an errant minister burning religious documents under the guise of perhaps radical O.T. for God was never interested in reatllion or revenge (Revenge is different than Vengence), or making a statement, just for making a statement purpose. God is always about doing no more and no less than is necessary to show HIS glory.
    3) Yesterday’s post in why Christ was saying enough and why it would be contrary to what the disciples would not expect. The realtionship at that moment between the disciples and Jesus would have been much like the really fun teacher and the students. Eventually even that really fun teacher has to say Enough! Christ would have no need to have told the disciples to pick up swords or be ready to defy authority. While Christ did not pick up swords, he routinely defied authority, in their eyes. So the disciples would have it considered it norm. Now he was telling them and calling them to a different way. Not to mention that they would have been ready to charge because they themselves still believed Christ had come to remove them from Roman oppression which is why they often misread what they saw in Christ as defying authority. For what appeared as Christ defying authority was Christ glorfying the Father.

    Today’s post deals with the other side of the coin when we paint a picture of the radical hippie sixties flower child and why I hate most pictures of Christ. When one looks at history one considers Christ’s lineage the white hippie flower child of the sixties does not fly. Christ would have had a closer skinage to our Miss America winner.

    However I also need to remind myself constantly that I cannot expect those who do not know Christ to act Christlike when those who do write books, make news, leave comments (Perhaps even this one) that do not even resemble Christ. When I consider this I am reminded of my own failures and as you shared Tim how deep in need of grace I still am.

    Sorry for the length of this but it is your fault, (LOL) really your hitting on some nerves in agreement 150% with you. Along with a certain commenter who if he was ever face to face with a gun pointed at that face (“Right to bear arms”, “sounds like a woman’s arument”, I’m growling even as I write that right now), would you know uuuuuuuummmmm crap (Not the word I was thinking, too many years in construction) in his pants. That’s not very graceful is it!

    Thanks Tim!

    • Tim says:

      That’s excellent, Pat. Jesus really did do more to stand up for what is truly right than all the gun-toting consitutionalists put together. If people would take the stand Jesus did – glorify the Father – it would look a lot different than some numbskull going around with a truck full of Korans and kerosene, or tweets that complain that Miss America has different color skin than they have. Sheesh!

      • Tim I felt I needed to clarify my last statement on why if that guy was ever confronted with a gun in his face what his reaction might be. As one who has had a gun shoved in his face three times as a private citizen. One of those times while I was in a phyiscal confrontation with somone, someone to the right of me drew a gun while, I was in arms reach of the one I was in phyiscal confrontation with, fired the gun at me because they were drunk hit the other person who died minutes later. I stand with Senator John McCain who after being a prisoner of war stated. “While I believe in the right to own guns I do own one” Because of those interactions while I believe in owning guns for hobby, sport so forth I do not own one. I have several friends who saw hard front line action who the only guns they own are what they once carried. Even those who own more would never brag publically how they are their two or three buddies carry pistols into church. Why because they have seen first hand up close the power of the instrument, which is a memory one never forgets.

        To boast publically how you and your two or three buddies own guns and carry them into church to the point of mocking someone else, especially because in your eyes they are weaker for whatever reason shows a lack of understanding and experience of the power of the instrument. Firing at dummy targets, in controlled range environments does not give one that experience or knowledge.

        • Tim says:

          I was wondering the same thing about what looked to me like boasting too, Pat. Thanks for speaking here from your experience.

  2. I saw someone posted some of the mean tweets about her on a link on my facebook page. I was really sad to hear that people would do that. I went to school with many people who were of Pakistani and Indian heritage and they were born HERE while their parents or parents’ parents were born in their native countries. It was really upsetting to think that people need to be of white skin in the minds of many to be American. How dare people act that way! I can’t imagine teaching children to be like that!! My boys will color pictures all the time in coloring books and will make various skin tones. They are obsessed with one of our youth boys who treats them so kindly who is of Ghana and Jamaican descent (but his parents and he and his brother were born here, while his grandparents on one side are from Jamaica).

    My boys dance with little girls who have parents who speak many different languages too. I’ve heard Russian, Korean, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, and languages I can’t figure out spoken while waiting for my sons’ classes to end. Sure my sons are white, but I had a crush on a Korean American boy in high school before meeting Rob and I had crushes on African Americans as a child. I am so glad that in my area of NJ, we have so much of a variety. I don’t know where some of these commenters who were racist are from, but may God guide their hearts and train them correctly in how they should treat others and how much He loves everyone!

    At the same time I want to point something out to you from me studying India and learning Hindi. People in India for the most part look down on white people and don’t really want to listen to what we have to tell them, mainly because of how they were treated by the English. In many Asian countries, people with darker skin tones are looked down upon, and some even lighter skin tones are looked down upon. It is terrible in ANY country that people would look down on people just because of their tone or color at all. This is why we need to realize that the world is in sin and because of sin there is racism. Jesus takes it all away and doesn’t distinguish one better than the next. It is wonderful how equal we are in His eyes and how He loves all His children. So awesome!!!

    • Tim says:

      The issue of lighter skin/darker skin has been around for a long time in other parts of the world and, as you say, is an indication of just how pervasive our fallenness is. Jesus heals and redeems and saves us from all iniquities, including racism. What grace!

  3. Jeannie says:

    Thanks, Tim. Grrrr, some of those online comments made my blood boil. I think if I had written your post I probably would have ended it at “I’d like the ignorant racist idiots to think that over.” But you always bring it back to the reminder of how much we all need God’s grace. Although part of me wants to harrumph at that and say “I don’t need as much grace as those blankety-blanks do,” it’s not true: we all need grace. I guess I needed that reminder today although I’m still teed off at those ignorant comments.

  4. Aimee Byrd says:

    My first reaction to your title, Tim, was, “have all past Miss America winners been white?” How can that be? But, I guess this is our first winner with a heritage from India? Which brings me to my second reaction, “People still watch the Miss America patent?” The fact that any woman from any country would agree to parade herself in a bathing suit to be judged on how well she will represent our country as “Miss America” blows my mind! I guess we still have a long way to go in both racism and sexism.

    • Tim says:

      I am so right there with you, Aimee. I would not have even noticed the pageant if it hadn’t been for the racist response to the winner. Miss America is just not something that hits my radar. As you point out, it plays into our sexist fallen nature. (There’s probably a post to write about that as well. I’ll leave that to someone else though.)

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