Sunday Funnies – How my family doesn’t go to church

Sunday Clothes 1


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13 Responses to Sunday Funnies – How my family doesn’t go to church

  1. Jeannie says:

    Ours either! I love our casual church. And yet … I remember in a women’s study group some of the older women really lamenting the casual style. They said things like, “Well, if you were going to see the Queen, you’d dress up, wouldn’t you?” — and that’s true, we would, but isn’t that because of human protocol, not divine? I don’t like the idea that “If human standards are high, imagine how high God’s are.” (especially in relation to clothing!) Anyway, I like your card and this is what it got me thinking about.

  2. Jeannie says:

    OH and may I just add this link, for a little perspective on Sunday morning prep (I think all families can relate):

    • Jeannie I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!!! This so reminds me of when my kids were small. Your so right God is not into prestige, pomp and appearance. Growing up in a Southern Baptist church I was raised he was, especially in the South. However what convinced me that God could not be into that was when my customers used to remark on the truck I drove which was often as nice if not nicer than some of their cars. “As one put it one time if you did not drive the truck you did we woud not hire you.”

      That got me thinking if God’s ways are higher and usually opposite of man and man cares about pomp, prestige, and show perhaps there is something else God cares about more.

      Great video!

    • Bronwyn Lea says:

      Jeannie, you just made my day with this video. It is the gospel truth!!!! This was totally us this morning. We even had a barefoot son who would not put on his shoes. Wait a minute…. I need to go and check that there’s no nail polish on the portrait…

    • Tim says:

      Great video, Jeannie. I guess when we let our kids go to church in sweats and T-shirts we just weren’t measuring up. Oh well!

  3. Planting Potatoes says:

    I so relate to your post…..good read!

  4. I actually knew a family that did say this to their kids constantly. sad.

    • Tim says:

      It is sad, especially in light of passages like 1 Samuel 16:7. And that was Old Covenant, so imagine the grace we can extend to others on their appearance under the New Covenant!

  5. Ruth says:

    So many memories, fortunately happy ones!
    Our neighbours, 2 boys, 2 girls, and us, 1 girl, 2 boys, were on the ‘ very tight to poor budget’ , we just didn’t know it then. Our neighbours had some better off cousins who passed lovely ‘used’ clothes to us all, and we wore what ever fitted who, then passed them backwards and forwards, then up the street to their other older cousins, who wore them. We all went to the same church, and everyone thought it a great arrangement.
    I loved wearing a pretty dress to church, but never felt awkward in a plainer outfit, because our churches attitude was that respecting God with sunday attire was to be clean and tidy.
    Patches didn’t matter, old didn’t matter, just some degree of clean- I seem, to remember Saturday night bath night, other days a top and tail unless we were grotty – mum was a stickler for clean, after a good old messy fun time! Werent we blessed to grow up in that environment?
    I now know that those cousins bought new things for us all, and just didn’t say, after all they had tohave nice clothes because of their fathers place in ministry, this was 50 + years ago, and I feel priveliged to have enjoyed such kindness and fun.
    The same cousins grandparents spent money like water, but only on the church..the manse, the church hall, hymn books, piano, organ, maintenance all from them, Oh, and packets of chewing gum for all the kids after church, which impressed us no end, but never an obvious word about any of it.We just knew that Pop and Mrs B were generous to a fault!
    Glory days for a little country congregation seeing practical, Jesus inspired kindness, in a quiet, modest way!

  6. Helen says:

    Mm, I’m sure God doesn’t care what we wear but I still feel that I need to make an effort. If I go rushing in and just about make it on time wearing my usual jeans and t shirt it doesn’t say much for my view of who He is. My heart needs preparation and it helps me to think about the God into whose presence I come if I dress accordingly. Am I the only one left who thinks like that?

    • Tim says:

      I think this is one of those areas of freedom where we are allowed to act as our conscience guides us. One person considers casual dress appropriate, another more formal attire. Either is acceptable to God, since we worship him in the freedom of Christ.

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