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The Earth Has A Pulse!

This time-lapse photography compiled by John Nelson shows the earth’s snowy pulse from a point overlooking the North Pole (you might have to let the page load completely before it starts moving quickly, and then it really pulses). Now that part … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies – Epistemology Is Easier Than You Think

The New Yorker has reduced epistemology to a few simple cartoons, and am I ever glad because without them I’d still be clueless about what epistemology is in the first place! Here’s a sample of the education that awaits when you … Continue reading

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Leasing Prayers

Yesterday morning our daughter hadn’t even looked at any apartments for the coming school year. By yesterday afternoon she’d signed a lease. It’s amazing, and here’s what happened. She was waiting until her return from her mission trip in South Africa before … Continue reading

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Making Good Choices – an update on my son’s adventures abroad

You know, there’s a huge difference in communication with your daughter leading a missions trip halfway around the world and your son leading a team overseas. Our daughter sent us emails like the one included in this post. Our son, … Continue reading

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Celebrity Gossip – Jennifer Aniston, Ryan Seacrest, Jimmy Kimmel!

[From the archives.] *** Celebrity gossip is everywhere – supermarket checkout lines, radio talk shows, television programs devoted to nothing but the latest details of celebrities’ lives. Why do we do it? Is it to satisfy our voyeuristic tendencies, are … Continue reading

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100 Movie Clips in 10 Minutes – name that film!

OK, so there are some repeats, but this is fun!

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Scientist Says Universe Inexplicable

I heard a space scientist on the radio last week. He was saying that in space there is no up or down or left or right. One star appears to be right next to another, he explained, but they might … Continue reading

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Irony in action – Explaining your “This” comment in a follow-up comment

Irony in Action I read a post the other day where one of the commenters wrote that single word at which we’ve all learned to cringe: This. I cracked up when that same commenter then immediately posted another comment to … Continue reading

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Children With Autism and Thoughtless Neighbors

I just read this anonymous letter by way of a tweet from my interwebz friend Crystal Hurd. Click on the picture to enlarge and read it for yourself. The reports say this is real. My first thought would be to make … Continue reading

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Scooping Up Ducklings – a gospel story

I’d like to tell a duck story to lift your heart. I was driving along and saw a mother duck crossing the frontage road, her line of ducklings behind her. I stopped for the duck line and realized that as the … Continue reading

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