Teaching Those Who Will Be Teaching, Melanesian Style

Here is the latest from our friends Doug and Jan Hanson, who are working in Papua New Guinea:

Students come to CLTC [Christian Leaders’ Training College] for many reasons. Some come to be better equipped as pastors. Some want to go to the mission field. Many are sent by their denominations to train as future Bible college teachers.

Doug is currently teaching a new course called Curriculum Development.  In the course, the students learn how to develop curriculum appropriate to the Melanesian culture and to the resources available.  (Textbooks are hard to come by in Papua New Guinea!)

The course is structured on five S’s: Somebody (learners) learning Something (scope) in Some way (delivery methods) and Somewhere (cultural context) for Some Purpose (learning goals and objectives).   Doug challenges the students to think strategically about teaching!

Teaching the Teachers

Teaching the Teachers

Pray that our graduates can be effective in carrying on theological education in Papua New Guinea.

God is at work all over this world, among people of every nation and tongue!

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