Retreating in South Africa – another update on my daughter in S.A.

As some of you know, my daughter is co-leading a team of students in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, with CRU this summer (although it’s winter there!). The team is there for several weeks and has recently been working with students at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, a multi campus university in Port Elizabeth.

This is her second year leading this team to Port Elizabeth. She is responsible for discipleship of the women members as well as jointly running programming with the men’s discipleship leader (Shun). A third leader (Iris) is responsible for all the logistics that support the programming.

Midway through the trip, the team has a weekend retreat to assess what they’ve done and how to carry on strong to the end of the ministry. Here is the email (plus a couple pictures) our daughter sent us following that retreat:

So retreat went really well, the weather was absolutely beautiful and we went back to the bed and breakfast we were at last year and it was gorgeous–amazing views. And in the evening the sky was so clear we could see stars close to the horizon and the Milky Way above us! It was a spiritually restful weekend, Shun and I led four devotional times taking us through different Psalms (63, 91, 19, 103) and that was really good team time. We were really intentional about bonding and we had time to discuss team dynamics and any conflict we had as well as time to encourage each other. And then we finished it with a safari drive this past Sunday!

One of the lions seen in the preserve on safari

One of the lions in the preserve on safari

Campus ministry has been so incredible. We’ve seen 15 people accept Christ already! Praise God!! And we’ve been blessed to be a part of some really great conversations, like the other day I got to see a woman go from a works-based uncertainty about eternity, to an assurance of her salvation and God’s forgiveness based on Jesus’s death and resurrection! We’ve also met a lot of solid Christians seeking community and we’ve been able to help them get plugged in with Campus Crusade at NMMU. SA [South Africa] is an amazing place to do ministry, I can’t believe we’re almost done with our time here!

The team on retreat (our daughter is in the back row, far left)

The team (most of it, anyway) on retreat. Our daughter is in the back row, far left; Shun is right in front of her.

They return to the States for de-briefing on the 18th, and she flies home the 20th. Prayers for their work and safe travels are appreciated!

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15 Responses to Retreating in South Africa – another update on my daughter in S.A.

  1. Jaimie says:

    Thank you for sharing about their work and ministry! That’s so wonderful. Praying for sure!

  2. Aimee Byrd says:

    This is fantastic. I love the updates!

  3. Denise says:

    How wonderful for your daughter to be part of such an amazing journey!

  4. Deanna Ratz says:

    I love reading this-so encouraging! Thanks for the update, Tim!

  5. Adriana says:

    How exciting! I really enjoy these updates! My mother still has hand written letters I sent her from my mission trips when I was young. Special times. 🙂

  6. KSP says:

    You must be so pleased and proud!

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  9. Very cool! I would like to see that side of the country as well. South Africa has been our redemption and the people are life giving.

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