Playing with Tigers and Kids – an update on my daughter in S.A.

Our daughter has been leading her team in South Africa for over a week now, and will soon begin working with students on the various campuses of Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth.

Last week they worked with children from some of the poorest parts of the city, though. Here’s a picture of our daughter and her co-leader. You can see all their training is paying off.

Carrying Kids

The team also visited an animal sanctuary where she got up close and personal with one of the residents. This cub seems more docile than the kids above.

Let Sleeping Tigers Lie

She and the team of American university students will be overseas for a few more weeks. Their immediate focus is helping establish a campus ministry in Port Elizabeth through CRU. The team is excited to partner with the local students who are ministering to their classmate throughout the school year.

For those wondering about our son, the team he’s leading to Vietnam leaves in about 3 weeks. In the meantime, though, he’s in charge of worship music for the Senior High houseboat trip this week and the third session of the church day camp he’s directing is coming up next week.

How my kids got so industrious can only be explained by their inheritance of their mother’s genes.

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14 Responses to Playing with Tigers and Kids – an update on my daughter in S.A.

  1. Adriana says:

    These pictures are fabulous! Keep the updates coming!

  2. Roland K says:

    Very cool! Especially the pic with the tiger!

  3. Mary Anne says:

    Now what was I saying just a couple of days ago about not being able to pet a tiger whenever I pleased—but apparently some people can! 8-D (And Tim, your daughter is lovely.)

  4. Tuija says:

    Great pictures! Now did I get it right – now that she’s got the tiger tamed, it’s time for the college/university students? 🙂
    Sounds like your entire family is busy working with the King. God bless you all!

  5. Aimee Byrd says:

    What a beautiful daughter you have, Tim! I love having an accurate picture in my head now when you talk about her. Her trip sounds pretty exciting.

  6. Vietnam is one of the 3 counties that I’ve always had a heart-string to, so that is amazing and very difficult to imagine your son doing missions work there! May Christ lead Him in every step and every word!!! I tried learning the language 3 years ago but the thing I had was not for beginners. I still remember how to say “boy” and “girl” and “horse” and “car” but that’s about it (learning Hindi now instead – barely know anything but the alphabet so far though).
    Your daughter is beautiful and has an amazing smile!!!!!!!!!! That is so great that she was able to touch the cub like that. May she guide many of the poor towards living in faith! I didn’t know Nelson Mandela had a school, but I admire that man and hope he lives to 100! I am sure it has something to do with your wife’s genes and your grand upbringing of your children together in the Word!! I wish my brothers had a smidgen of what your children have, but unfortunately the bitterness of their childhoods consumed them from being raised in our half-godly home. May your children’s future children be able to have the same spirit that they themselves have too!

    • Tim says:

      Thanks Victoria, she’s certainly got a heart for kids and fellow students. The university she’s working at now is not run my Mandela, but named after him like universities are named after famous people here in the States too.

      Our son’s trip will be his fourth to Vietnam. He’s taken a class in the language here, but like a lot of us he forgets it until he goes back and gets a chance to practice. His coffee house friends over there have been a good source of conversation practice.

  7. Denise says:

    What an amazing daughter you have! It’s a true testament to you as a parent! Great Job!

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