Breastfeeding Birthday Pizza

The wife and mother of three just wanted to celebrate her birthday at a local pizza joint, but her kids were a bit distracting. “It was chaotic—I had one kid licking the honey container on the table, another standing on his chair, and my baby was fussing.” So she nursed the baby and let her husband handle the other two.

The server – another nursing mother – approved.

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7 Responses to Breastfeeding Birthday Pizza

  1. Jaimie says:

    this is awesome. what a sweet waitress!

  2. Julie Anne says:

    The waitress rocks. However, I’m sad that the mother felt the need to leave the restaurant in order to nurse. I mean, seriously . . . how often does the world get to see a completely satisfied baby. Did you see my recent post about my son who nursed his baby doll? LOL

    • Tim says:

      I loved your take on dolls and playing at nursing and the gender issues, Julie Anne,. Left a comment at your place on that.

      And I agree completely about the mom stepping out, too. It would have been wonderful if people could have just let her be and enjoy the satisfied child.

  3. michellevl says:

    Love this story! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. That was really nice of the woman to buy that one pizza for them. Crab Rangoon pizza?!??? Sounds delicious.

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