Singing to Babies is Important!

I saw this video posted at Auntie Em’s Guide to Life (a blog very worth your while!), and completely agree with Em’s assessment when she wrote: “I couldn’t quite smiling while I was watching this sweet video.”

With all the royal baby news, isn’t it great to see the way this doctor welcomes these babies into the world?

“When I’m singing to those babies I think, ‘I’m singing to a future important person!'”

You are, Doc, you are.

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9 Responses to Singing to Babies is Important!

  1. Julie Anne says:

    Oh my, as a 5-yr choir mom (aka accompanist) at the high school level and a mom of a passel of kiddos, and board member of our semi-professional community choir, this touched my heart. I am passing this along. Thanks, Tim!

    • Tim says:

      My thanks to you as well, Em. I love the way you reflected on that video and what it means for all of us in God’s sight.

  2. thedesertion says:

    tears! happy tears! i plan to sing to my baby all the time when he/she is born. i’m a guitarist and violinist, and I hope to pass these talents on to my baby 🙂

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