Advice Is Overrated – Encouragement Isn’t

Back to back guest posts, folks! Yesterday, Jaimie from Living in the Light wrote a great guest post for me here, and today I’m at her place with a guest post. Here’s the start of my piece; I hope you enjoy!


[My son K is 22 and recently graduated from UC Berkeley. My daughter J is 20 and a third year student at UC San Diego. A lot of parents write advice letters to their young adult children, laying out what they want their children to learn. I’m not one of those parents. Instead, I’m writing them a letter pointing out what they’ve already learned.]

How old were each of you when you first left the country on a missions trip? 9, 10? Something like that. We all traveled together to Mexico to serve in one of the poorest places I’ve ever seen. K, we took you with us for the first couple trips, and J you joined us for several trips after that.

And then you went overseas on your own mission trips … [Click here to read the rest at Jaimie’s blog!]

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8 Responses to Advice Is Overrated – Encouragement Isn’t

  1. Jeannie says:

    FYI Tim – clicking on your link led me to an error message at Jaimie’s site, but clicking on her “Home” link did get to the correct post.

  2. Tim, thank you so much for guest-posting for me today! I know my readers will be as encouraged by your words as I have been.

    • Tim says:

      And thank you so much for having me, Jaimie. It’s been a kick trading posts with someone just about the age of the kids I wrote to in this piece!

  3. Judy says:

    What a joy it is to watch young adults hit their strides. I have three of them in various stages of launching. My husband and I have a favorite phrase: “We watch with interest.” And a lot of prayer.

    • Tim says:

      Great phrase, Judy. As ours went through HS and approached college, we said “You raise ’em up to move ’em out”!

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