Saturday Quotable – 3 from Chesterton on Poets and Poetry

There are more poets than non-poets in the world, as is proved by the popular origin of … legends.


It is the supreme proof of a man being prosaic that he always insists on poetry being poetical.


Imaginative does not mean imaginary.

G.K. Chesterton
The Everlasting Man (1925)

Which do you like best? Why?

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2 Responses to Saturday Quotable – 3 from Chesterton on Poets and Poetry

  1. Jeannie says:

    The second one interested me most, so I googled it just to get a little context, and one of the sentences just before it says that scientists (unlike artists) don’t understand that “one branch of the beautiful is the ugly.” I think we all have some of that in us: we’d like our myths and stories to be pretty and magical and poetical. But then somebody like Flannery O’Connor comes along with her Misfit coming out of the woods with a gun — ewwww!

    In a couple of places recently I read the phrase “Life is brutiful” — and it made sense to me. Joy and pain together make the beauty. Real life is not always the nice fantasy we might like it to be, but I still trust the One who has made (and is making) all things well.

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