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Food Styling and a Mouthful of Marbles

[This first appeared as a guest post I wrote for Rachel Stone’s blog last summer. She writes great stuff about faith and food and social justice, sometimes all at once!] Stylish Food My wife and I like to watch Food … Continue reading

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Bonus Post Thursday – Prancercise!

“Cut the Noose and Let It Loose” – let me know if you watch the whole video. Werewolves of London will never sound the same to me.

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Why I Write? (Hint: Not Because I “Must”) – a guest post from Jennifer Grant

[Today’s guest post is from Jennifer Grant, a wonderful writer and an outstanding encourager, who brings both to bear in this piece on writing. How can you not enjoy reading someone who can put the Rolling Stones, Star Trek and … Continue reading

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Global Warming – Being In Denial Is No Joke

Denial of Overwhelming Evidence According to a recent report on NPR: Academies of science around the world agree that climate change is real and caused largely by burning fossil fuels. So do many professional scientific organizations. Polls of scientists point … Continue reading

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Books I Refuse to Read

Anne Bogel’s excellent summer reading list over at Modern Mrs. Darcy got me thinking about books that should never be on anyone’s reading list. Not that any of these have a chance of being read; they haven’t even been written. … Continue reading

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Boy Scouts, Homosexuals and Jesus – churches shouldn’t run away from gay kids

[I have a new post up at Think Christian. Here’s the intro:] The Boy Scouts just voted to drop the prohibition on gay youth, changing their long-held stance against allowing homosexuals as members. A lot of scout troops are sponsored … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies – Soccer for 2-year-olds

I’ve never been as good a soccer player as this little boy in my life. Bonus points to anyone who can make out what the fans are singing at the end. I totally agree with their sentiments! Goooooooaaaaaaallllll

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When The Judge Gets Cross-Examined!

[Jeannie Prinsen grilled me about faith and being a judge and justice and law and … well, here’s a sample. You can read the whole thing over at her place.] – How would you define justice in legal terms and … Continue reading

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School Tells Teen Mom, “Nobody Puts Baby in the Yearbook!”

This young mother worked hard to graduate high school early while caring for her newborn son. “I picked my son because he’s helped me be a better person,” Tiller told Yahoo! Shine. “By having him, I grew up quickly but … Continue reading

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Partying with Hookers – bring it on!

Laura at Enough Light posted one of the most powerful stories of redemption and reaching out that I’ve heard in a while. If you want to know how easy it is to take on the life of a sex worker and … Continue reading

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