When Pop Stars Do Right, Right Away

If you read last Saturday’s post, you saw a Jane Austen quote I found about not putting off doing right. Now here’s how that looks in action.

Pink was in concert and stopped in the middle of a song to comfort a little girl crying in the audience. She did it in her own style, she did it without calling undue attention to herself – which is hard to do in front of a few thousand people who are all there for the sole purpose of seeing just you – and she focused on the girl and gave her the encouragement she needed. (If you haven’t clicked on the video, please do. I’ll wait.) As this article says, the girl was too shy to come up and receive Pink’s treats herself, but you can see her at the bottom edge of the video when Pink tells her, “You look beautiful.”

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. (Galatians 6:10.)

Yes, let’s.



When is the last time you acted on the opportunity to help someone you didn’t know?

When is the last time someone did this for you?

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31 Responses to When Pop Stars Do Right, Right Away

  1. Lovely. Perhaps the world is beginning to value kindness for it’s own sake. Or perhaps only some people are. But every little drop eventually fills the bucket!

  2. Just because someone isn’t “Christian” doesn’t mean we can’t praise them and be glad for them doing right things… This just shows that there is a spark of that “Good” that God declared when we were created…

    • Absolutely. It’s important we embrace kindness and encourage it.
      It’s important we praise thoughtfulness. And why criticize ungodliness in those who don’t even claim to seek godliness. In all our relationships, encourage love.

    • How do you know who’s Christian and who’s not? I’m just wondering.

      • Tim says:

        One of the best oft-asked questions in the Kingdom, Keri. Jesus said he knows his sheep. I tend not to get wigged out about the whole subject, then, and just leave it all up to him.

        • The Book of 1 John has some pretty good “tests”, too… 😉

        • Tim says:

          Sure. If someone denies Jesus’ deity or humanity, John says they are not of God. Easy to tell in those cases!

        • Right, Tim. Leave it up to Jesus. Because we don’t know everyone’s whole story. I just asked because Robert said “just because someone isn’t Christian” –apparently he’s quite certain that he knows exactly where Pink is at spiritually, and I think that’s a really hard thing to tell if you don’t know a person. (I’m assuming Robert is not a close friend of Pink). We look at the outward appearance, and God looks at the heart.

        • Adriana says:

          Amen to God looking at the heart, Keri. But in Robert’s defense he did put “Christian” in quotation marks. Pink might be the most sincere Christian in the world, but as far as anyone knows she has not professed that with her mouth. The quotation marks are appropriate. I took it like Robert was giving her the benefit of doubt here.

  3. Adriana says:

    Where did the frog and the rice crispy treat come from?
    (Love the video, Tim!)

  4. Mary Anne says:

    Re: nice things to do. Today I had to go and get a tire looked at because it kept showing low air pressure. The local tire shop took the tire off, saw there was a nail in it, and fixed it for me. The guy who runs the shop said, “No charge, ma’am.”

    This is SECOND time they’ve fixed one of my tires without charging me a penny. Hmmm, I must bake them some tasty cookies or something . . .

  5. Aimee Byrd says:

    Well, I’m going to probably lose some credibility here by saying that I like some of Pink’s music. One night when we were listening to her do a live show taped by the Palladium channel, I let my 13 yr. old daughter download one of the songs for her iPod, and the cover was very inappropriate. I wish Pink would be kind to little girls in that way! Which makes me wonder why there was a little girl at a Pink concert to begin with?! I had to be careful that night of viewing her on TV w/my 13 yr. old (who would never be caught dead crying at a concert).
    As for comforting the little girl, it’s good to see that Pink does still have some of those mommy instincts while performing on stage.

    • Tim says:

      Well, you’re certainly not losing any credibility with me! Pop culture can be a minefield (inappropriate covers foisted on unsuspecting downloaders) but it’s also full of beauty (Pink’s gesture toward the crying girl). I think it’s worth walking through for those of us who do so with the lens of faith.

      Sorry, didn’t mean this reply to end up so serious, Aimee. So on a lighter note, did I ever mention that I went to a U2 concert while my wife stayed home in the late stages of pregnancy? Very late stages, in fact, like due date within days. What kind of husband was I, you ask? Ummm … I’ll get back to you on that.

      • Lyndsay says:

        LOL Tim. Aimee, you just earned some credibility from me. I think it is foolish to believe that God is only found in those things we collectively (as people) deem “Christian”. The world is just not that black and white, and all our wishing for clean lines dosen’t make God black and white. Getting messy, that is where faith really hits the road. Pink has done some amazing things for a lot of women (including giving hope to one of my clients that she was able to overcome), and she is a nice change from some of the other pop culture. Really enjoyed this.

  6. Jeannie says:

    This is great. I love it when famous people show humility and kindness. A couple of years ago I went to the Festival of Faith & Writing at Calvin College. One of the keynote speakers was novelist Wally Lamb. After his talk, my friend and I lined up to have him sign our books. It was about an hour-long wait, partly because Lamb chatted so nicely to everyone in turn; we were still waiting well after 10 p.m. But what impressed us was when Lamb turned to one of the young student volunteers who was helping out and said, “So how are YOU holding up? This is a long day for you.” My friend and I still comment on this simple act of consideration. He could have been focusing on what a long day it was for HIM; instead, he thought of others.

  7. Nancy Van Wyck says:

    Wonderful video showing us there are good people out there, but unfortunitly we keep seeing the bad stuff people do. Good people get pushed aside while the bullys get all of the attention, and the reason is to keep them happy so that they don’t cause more problems. I watched this all week. The bully is looking for attention and seems to get just that. They seem to forget that God is watching.

    • Tim says:

      Or they don’t care who’s watching, God or anyone else. Pink, on the other hand, focused on just one person in the crowd, and that reminds me of how Jesus moved through crowds too.

  8. Kathleen says:

    Have been running all day and finally got to write a post that has been on my heart since this weekend. If you have a chance check it out. When we, His sons take the message of Peace to the world, He calls us Peacemakers. When the world brings peace, it’s temporary. The Peace we have to share comes from eternity and leads to eternity!

  9. That was nice of her. She just happened to have a frog and a rice krispies treat with her? That’s interesting. hehe.

    • Tim says:

      It was nice, wasn’t it? Such kindness. And to be able to pass on the kindness of whatever fan it was that tossed the frog and treat up on the stage for Pink made that a double blessing!

  10. So sweet. 🙂 She’s a mommy now — has a girl that’s about Gwendolyn’s age, and a lot of what she’s said about raising her daughter has resonated with me.

    • Tim says:

      I just read an article in the Sunday paper where she said she loves taking her daughter on tour with her, and how she wants to show her the world. Awesome mommy.

  11. Love this. Thanks for sharing. I think that when we are kind, when we are self-less, we are reflecting the image of God (which ALL people are made in, not just people who ascribe to a certain set of beliefs). I love how you point out that this is how Jesus moved through crowds, paying attention to the individuals who were in pain or need.

    • Tim says:

      Thanks, Keri. isn’t it wonderful how God’s grace and mercy can be found anywhere he chooses to dispense it (including through the kindness of those who are not members of the Body of Christ).

  12. Found this post through your comment over on Steph’s blog post: http://gardenvarietyneurosisredux.com/2014/03/04/rant-stupid-girl-screw-the-patriarchy/

    And in answer to your question: I recently helped out a family who’s son was bogged down in some snow while skiing. The son was a bit stuck in a tree well and the family were a ways downhill from him. Knowing how much I hate sidestepping uphill, I stopped to see if I could help. The boy was old enough that being all sweetly concerned would probably have irritated and annoyed him, so I brusquely said, “C’mon kid! Time to get yourself out of there!” Having a strange woman give him the what-for prodded him out of his “I can’t do this” behavior. It motivated him well enough that I didn’t even have to physically help him up.

    Becoming a mom has made me more empathetic and helpful toward others.

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