Kitchen Gadgets and the Family of God

[I’m guest posting today at Keri Wyatt Kent’s blog. If you have ever wanted a spiritual guide/coach/mentor but wonder how you’d ever find the time to meet with one, then I’d suggest Keri’s place. She brings theology to daily living.]


Keri and I recently traded emails about kitchen gadgets. (Why? Doesn’t matter.) I mentioned a potato peeler, she compared it to a mandoline slicer, and soon we came to this:

Ah yes, the age old rivalry between the simple potato peeler and the elegant kitchen mandoline. But even though theirs is a relationship fraught with turmoil, woe betide the food processor who tries to show off in their kitchen. Mandoline and peeler are a terrible force when united against a common enemy.

She suggested a series, with the next installment concerning the merits of a hand masher versus a stick blender. I think she’s on to something. But this post is going a different …

[Click here to read the rest. Then, read around at Keri’s place and see how she can guide you in your walk with Christ too.]


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2 Responses to Kitchen Gadgets and the Family of God

  1. Thanks, Tim! Appreciate your contribution and your kind words!

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