Sunday Funnies – Google Oddities

Some people land here at my blog based on search engine results, mostly Google but also Yahoo and Bing. The search terms they use can leave me scratching my head, though. Here are a few, in increasing order of oddity.

tim’s blog just one train wreck (or some variation thereof) – OK, that one makes sense

celebrities whose lives are a wreck – No, this blog is a “train wreck” not a “celebrity wreck”

that word, i dont think you know what it means princess bride – Does everyone who writes a blog piece on The Princess Bride end up with a search term like this?

womens bare arms – Is that anything like supporting your right to arm bears? (“Watch out! That panda’s packin’ heat!”)

ellen painter dollar’s husband – I’ve never even met Ellen (although she did once ask me to write a guest piece for her super awesome blog, yay!)

i love going flying lesson – Actually I love to eat, especially pepperoni pizza and dark chocolate gelato, preferably at the same meal. I don’t have a preference which is served first.

topless – No one wants to see me bare-chested. In fact, there ought to be laws against that, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are in some states.

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6 Responses to Sunday Funnies – Google Oddities

  1. That’s odd — I found your blog by searching “witty, wise, encouraging, friend-in-Christ, sometimes funny.”

  2. I always laugh at the things people search to find my blog too. A lot of people find me by searching out a former disney girl named Victoria Justice. . .but they search naughty things about her and find me. >.<

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